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December 2018

Listen Up to Level Up…


Flash Sale: 50% off for 48 hours. Time to take action, ladies. Here’s why:. -One lady I coached this year finally has gotten out of the house after 7 YEARS OF INTROVERSION resulting from a bad breakup that shook up her identity. She’s socializing with some amazing women and now has the attention of not [...]

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July 2018

2018-07-08T16:03:30+00:00 Are you looking for a FAIRYTALE outcome or a FANTASY outcome? One is attainable, one is not. Can you guess which one? ❤️💃🏽❤️ -Sign up for mailing list here:


5 Pitfalls to Female Competition

2018-07-08T16:01:46+00:00 Ladies, I got something to tell you: Your mean-spiritedness cannot be compartmentalized!  Female competition shows up in ways that we least expect and people are WATCHING. I made this quick video of 5 pitfalls of female competition for your consideration. If you're dealing with these destructive emotions and behaviors, you're actually getting in [...]

5 Pitfalls to Female Competition2018-07-08T16:01:46+00:00

June 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Argue with Men Online


Listen ladies, do NOT get caught up in the gender wars! We need to be emotionally healthy women that attract emotionally healthy men and only focusing on finding the RIGHT guy. Don't exhaust your energy in arguments when you should be keeping your eye on the prize. Check out the video here [...]

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April 2018



SUCCESS IS OFFENSIVE. Let me let y’all in on a little secret. 😉You are NOT going to live the life you want without pissing a lot of people off. They’re going to talk about you behind your back. They’re going to make little slick, passive-aggressive remarks to your face (“must be nice”😏). They’re gonna call you [...]

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February 2018

Happy Tết, y’all!


Người lạ ơi, xin chúc bạn một năm mới may mắn và thành công, vạn sự như ý, tấn tài tấn lộc nha. Happy Vietnamese New Year, y'all! We wish you, in the year of the Dog, all good health, happiness and prosperity. From Nikki, hubby, and BABY #2!!!!!!!!!!! (Surprise!!!) <3 :) <3

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Valentine’s Day Lies


***ALREADY WAKING UP TO LIES ON VALENTINE’S DAY*** I’m already seeing women’s social media feeds declaring their love for some man that has NOT treated her well all YEAR, but who decided to buy a card and some cheap chocolate today. Men that have put hands on them this year. Men that have cheated repeatedly [...]

Valentine’s Day Lies2018-06-16T00:29:06+00:00

Kylie Jenner: When Big Sisters Fail Little Sisters


It is truly sad when big sisters fail their little sisters. Kylie Jenner just had a baby at the age of 20, when she has the world at her feet and should be totally free from that type of obligation at this stage of life. BIG SISTERS NOT TEACHING THEIR LITTLE SISTERS "THE GAME" IS [...]

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