Listen Up to Level Up…

Listen Up to Level Up…

Flash Sale: 50% off for 48 hours. Time to take action, ladies. Here’s why:.

-One lady I coached this year finally has gotten out of the house after 7 YEARS OF INTROVERSION resulting from a bad breakup that shook up her identity. She’s socializing with some amazing women and now has the attention of not one, but TWO VERY HIGH-QUALITY MEN. She’s having a delicious time.

-One of the girls I’m mentoring just negotiated an OFF-CYCLE PROMOTION for herself. She was –>this close<– to sabotaging her opportunity by complaining to the wrong (and VERY discreet) power player at her job, but she took this course and called me instead.

-Another lady negotiated with her somewhat frugal husband to get a cleaning lady to come to their house twice a month so she could have time to reconnect with herself. Her stress levels have gone down, her relationships have improved, and she’s enjoying her sex life again.

All these things happened as a result of CULTIVATING THEIR CONFIDENCE. These ladies all took the “Cultivating Confidence” courses and DID THE WORK. Now they are seeing the ever-increasing fruit in their lives as a result of it. I’m SO ridiculously proud of them and I’m excited to see how they show up and show out for 2019.

What wonderful thing could YOU make happen in 2019 if you cultivate YOUR confidence?

It drives me so crazy when I see you talk yourselves out of your blessings, and I’m committed to seeing more of you GET WHAT YOU DESIRE AND DESERVE IN 2019.

With that, I’m offering the Cultivating Confidence Series at HALF PRICE FOR 48 HOURS ONLY as an incentive for you to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE TODAY. This course was archived but I’m bringing it back because it’s just so important and I love you and want to see you win at life. The entire series is available now, but only for a limited time. One of the things I want you ladies to get good at is TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITY WHEN SHE PRESENTS HERSELF. This is the exceptional, responsible, and wise way of living.

Promo code is confidence2019. Link is here:

For you ladies who already have the series, feel free to apply the half-price promo code to a consultation session:


You are magnificent. OWN IT!

Happy New Year, ladies.




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