Valentine’s Day Lies

Valentine’s Day Lies


I’m already seeing women’s social media feeds declaring their love for some man that has NOT treated her well all YEAR, but who decided to buy a card and some cheap chocolate today. Men that have put hands on them this year. Men that have cheated repeatedly on them this year. Men who have been verbally abusive to them this year.

NO!!! NO NO NO! We are NOT doing this this year.

Let’s back up, though, and ask the real question: Why do so many women do this in the first place?

We do this to prove to others that we are worthy of love.

We do it to prove that we’re a “good girl” or “good woman.”

We do this to prove that we know how to “keep a man.”

We do it to show off to our single frenemies that don’t have a man.

We do it avoid the embarrassment of facing the truth about our relationship with that man.

And the worst part? That guy who isn’t treating you right is COUNTING on you do that so YOU can save face. Then when the relationship DOES eventually end, he can point to your declarations and say that YOU were the defective one. YOU were the bad partner. You are setting yourself up for failure by giving these men praise that they do not deserve today.


I know all this because I USED TO BE LIKE THIS. Trying to attach my self-worth to how a man PUBLICLY treated me so I could get some external validation. All the while the guy was NOT WORTHY and I didn’t want to admit it because it would mean that I WAS NOT WORTHY. This did not change until I got honest with myself about how me being a “good girl,” was actually attracting bad situations. I had to be willing to break off a toxic relationship, and yes, that did mean being TEMPORARILY EMBARRASSED. I had to do it to cultivate myself into a powerful enough woman to be honest about my expectations and settle for nothing less. I had to go from Good Girl to Wise Woman.

Now, I get treated well EVERY day, not just on holidays. No declarations necessary. Just a sense of ease, security, mutual respect AND THE SELF-RESPECT NECESSARY TO WALK AWAY IF THAT EVER CHANGES.

Don’t spend ONE more Valentine’s Day telling these Insta-lies. Go for the real thing. Purchase the “Good Girl to Wise Woman” downloadable course (comes with MP3 and PDF included) and start to experience true, healthy love, starting with yourself.…/from-good-girl-to-wise-woman/



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